Interdev-India is a registered body with a Board of Trustees who oversee the work of the organisation. Interdev has been assisting in partnership development in India since 1998 and has seen the development of effective partnerships that are making a significant contribution to ministry in the country and in South Asia.

The objectives of the Trust are:-

  • To assist the Church and its various specialised agencies to work together in partnership, encouraging effectiveness in planning and use of communications.
  • To apply the partnership principles in the area of agriculture, health, community development, relief, education, communication and spiritual ministry.
  • Act as catalyst in promoting partnerships, training and coordination.

Benefits of Working Together:

  • To avoid duplication of effort
  • To share resources
  • To achieve more together than by themselves
  • To show proof of the Gospel we preach.

Its Vision statement is:

That every unreached people group and city of the world may have its own
viable, nationally-led, reproducing Church. That this vision will be
realized as the Church world-wide works in effective ministry partnerships,
experiencing and demonstrating the true power and freedom of Christ’s transforming grace in our daily lives and relationships.”

Its Mission or Purpose Statement is:

Our mission is to serve the Church in accelerating fulfillment of the Great
Commission through the development, formation and long-term effective
operation of international partnerships for evangelism among the world’s unreached peoples.

This is done by:

  • encouraging the vision for partnership
  • encouraging the development of Partnerships – especially among the unreached people groups.
  • providing consultancy, coaching and support for Partnership Facilitators
  • providing training in Partnership development and skills